Country French

Located in Monet, Missouri. The house plans we developed for this total remodel were started with a set of existing blueprints and in combination with a number of digital images. We redrew the entire house, garage, and existing pool house into our 3D design software, mapped out the existing floor plan, walls, windows, doors, etc. After drawing the entire home in 3D, we began to redesign the entire look of the house into the Country French style our clients were wanting. We wanted to make the entire property match to make it look as if this was the design intended from the very beginning. They added on to the original farmhouse left of the main entrance and we were able to tie everything together on paper before construction began. The 3D renderings you see pictured here represent some of the capability we have to show you not just home plans, but to show you what your actual house may look like. If you want to have a video of your home design where you drive up to your new home, then we can provide that as well. If you want to see your kitchen designed on the inside or see how a certain vantage point looks out the windows then we can place you into your proposed house and you can see out to the neighbors, golf course, or whatever adjacent views you are wanting to picture. This very old farmhouse was turned into a French Chateau that we are very proud to represent on our portfolio.

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