Cape Cod II

Located in the Ozarks, these Cape Cod house plans were developed to mimic the classic style popular on the eastern seaboard in the early to late 1700s. This is a pinnacle of the New England style brought here to Springfield, Missouri. As architectural designers located just north of Branson, Missouri, we began these home plans inspired by a picture our client gave us from a Pottery Barn Christmas magazine. From the obvious wood shake cedar siding to the not-so-obvious mitered corners, this home was designed to capture the tradition of Cape Cod Architecture. The Cape Cod style is a favorite for many today and we had a lot of fun bringing our clients dreams, ideas, and inspiration pictures to life on this house.

Notice the eyebrow window on the front, the real Pennsylvania, blue stone veneer, and the Davinci Roofscapes Shake Roof. We put a lot of detail into this design and are very pleased with bringing our client a unique set of house plans that captures a beloved traditional style. Builders in both Branson and Springfield have enjoyed getting our house plans for years because of our attention to detail and the complete nature of our design. There are very few questions after we send out a set of blueprints.

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