Located in Springfield, Missouri, this homeowner wanted to blend the Modern Prairie style with steel I-beams and reclaimed flooring, the result is - Industrial Modern meets Modern Prairie. We developed their house plans while having a ton of fun blending design styles to meet the client's vision. Achieving the right mix required good team work between the home designer, the builder and the homeowner. Their home plans came with tons of detail and enough 3D work to give them an exact idea of what their home would look like prior to construction starting.

Selecting the correct Team will make the design and building process very enjoyable and result in the vision you have as a homeowner. The bad experiences you may have read about or experienced, designing and / or building a custom home usually result from the homeowner not investing the time to select the correct team. We had a builder working with us from the beginning and the final result not only turned out fantastic, but the entire process went seamlessly. We handed the home owner and builder a final set of blueprints knowing that they were going to get exactly what they wanted and more.

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